In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the need for qualified IT resources is rapidly increasing. IT Companies are in a demanding and competitive field where they want to stand out with their unique and top of the line services. Each and every company in the IT field, therefore, needs only the right people who are perfect matches with their corporate vision and culture.

Zenith HR was established to meet all these needs in a fast and accurate way. Our company achieves fast and accurate results thanks to an experienced human resources team who have been sector trained. Zenith HR is a full service company that offers search and selection services in order to help you find the qualified candidates in the IT sector. We are dedicated to assist you every step of the way.


  • 1. Search and Selection

A company’s most valuable asset for reaching its goals is its workforce. Recruiting the right person for a certain position is one of the biggest challenges for IT companies. Information technologies is a very demanding field with a lot of competition among big players. How your company is presented to attract the desired canditate depends on your recruitment consultant’s skills. Zenith HR, as your IT recruitment partner, is dedicated to assist you with all of your human resources needs in a fast and reliable way. We do trust in our ability and expertise in representing your company on a level that will exceed your expectations.

Whether it is for a single vacancy or a group hiring process, we make sure to meet you with the right candidates who possess the desired level of technical knowledge and experience.


IT recruitment is profoundly different than the general recruitment process. Vacancy announcements and therefore, the job descriptions have sector-specific terminology which require a certain level of knowledge and experience to identify the most appropriate human resource. Hence, the IT recruitment consultant’s level of knowledge and expertise is imperative for your company’s success. Zenith HR Team is built of accomplished consultants who have in-depth knowledge about the specifics of each job title in the IT field. As Zenith HR, we make sure that our customers are only brought the right list of canditates who meet their criteria. Our approach makes a difference and this saves time for all parties included. Your time is valuable and you need a consultant who speaks your language.


  • Mission

Zenith HR is established to meet the human resources needs of IT companies. Zenith HR’s goal is to assist its clients all throughout the recruitment process and help them find only the qualified candidates in the fastest time possible.

  • Vision

Zenith HR is dedicated to becoming one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in Turkey and in Europe by providing reliable, accurate and fast services to all of its clients.